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I'm feeling pretty shy but I'm going to try to write something today.Ive started so many projects.I know I have a few wips on here I need to get finished already,damn. Probably going to try to make some more zombie artworks in awhile but im not sure what they are going to be doing yet.Welcoming any suggestions or any other arty ideas for anything else.I want to try some collaborations with someone sometime. somesomesome. if anyone's interested in that.
facebook page if you want to take a peek at that. Thanks for watching me,sorry for being so quiet.
I was feeling not so well for a week and a half but I am feeling like a bowl of sugar

Finally have a new phone with-damn it-a new number.
Sorry if I missed any messages.

There are four projects im working on,one is an entry for  DA's James and the Giant Peach contest.
My mp3 player broke,darn double darn.  
Back to beating the hell out of myself with exercise as usual.
14 months without smoking.I should stop counting?I dont know.

Started playing Smallworlds again.Its super addicitve.
I lost a bunch of my songs on project playlist.Red with rage.
I made some great carrot cake a few days ago.:D but made some less than tasty sugar cookies.
Drew out lots of new sketches for future works.
Been working on my own website for my art,very early rough draft stages so far.
Im going to have more artwork up soon.Im just waiting for my new and better camera.I'll have pictures up in a week. :strong:
  • Eating: Ham Sandwich
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew